Architecture / Engineering / Design

Design Development Phase

During the Design Development Phase of the project, our associate architects, interior designers and engineers, along with the equipment suppliers, prepare drawings, details and specifications that describe and fix the intent of the project. Design Development includes:

  • Building systems alternatives with anticipated recoveries for energy efficiency review and selection
  •  Site development infrastructure review and selection
  •  Building assembly alternatives with associated costs/savings review and selection
  •  Equipment vendor review and selection
  •  Back-up energy systems review and selection
  •  Energy management systems review and selection
  •  Weatherproofing assembly review and selection
  •  Exterior finish alternatives review and selection
  •  Interior assembly and finish alternatives review and selection
  • Project phasing requirements are identified, reviewed, and incorporated into the overall Project Development Schedule

At the conclusion of the Design Development Phase:

  • All building assemblies, finishes and equipment have been identified and specified
  •  The project budget has been modified to reflect the selected assembly and/or systems

The schedule has been coordinated to reflect the actual project requirements
Where TVG differs from our competitors is the constant pursuit and identification of those materials so that TVG can leverage its buying power to purchase those items direct. It’s faster and more economical for you, and it allows TVG to maintain schedule control.

Preparing for Construction

As soon as you approve the Design Development Documents, TVG’s architects and engineer associates will prepare the drawings, specifications and requirements for construction of the project and assist in preparing the necessary bidding and contractual information for construction. TVG provides a minimum of three (3) Owner Representative Reviews including:

  •  Prepare 20% architectural, engineering drawings and review with you
  •  Prepare 50% architectural, engineering drawings and review with you
  •  Prepare 90% architectural, engineering drawings and review with you

Construction Documents include:

  • Drawings documenting the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing civil, landscape, interior design, and signage for the project. The drawings produced will be used to obtain all jurisdictional approvals.
  • Specifications outlining the levels of quality and standards to be met in the construction of the project.
  • Contract forms and conditions, including the form of agreement to be used between the Design-Builder and the Sub-Contractors and/or Material men; forms for any bonds and certificates; and general conditions outlining the rights, responsibilities and duties of the Design-Builder and the Subcontractor as well as others involved in the construction process.
  • Bidding requirements, including the information and forms for bidding.

In-house plan reviews are on-going throughout the documentation phase to reduce inconsistencies and/or conflicts in the drawings and details. TVG’s plan review process is a large portion of our Quality Assurance program. Based on the project requirements and development schedule, it may be necessary to produce documents by phases to allow permitting and construction of portions of your project prior to finalizing details on other phases.

Staying Within Budget

In this instance, each portion of your project would include the phased Owner Representative Plan Review outlined above. We know the cost already as the project moves from Design Documents (DD’s) into Construction Documents (CD’s). TVG has lived out its business philosophy by making sure that Construction Documents accurately represent the initial budget. Monitoring the cost as CDs continue to develop is a fluid process at TVG, not an event or point in time.

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