The Vopa Group (TVG) associates offer a personalized approach to financing any commercial venture by helping clients secure the most competitive commercial financing products for their qualified properties. Mortgages available up to $100 million plus for projects like Apartment/Multi-Family Unit Loans, Retail/Office, Industrial/Warehouse, Self-Storage, Gas Stations/Convenience Stores, Churches, Mixed Use and Specialty Use



Multi-phase construction projects are best served with financing packages that cover the entire project, from conception to ribbon-cutting. TVG saves clients the time, expense, and hassle of repeated financing procurement by putting together one package that will meet financing needs through acquisition, development, and construction.

Both permanent and mini-perm options are included in these tailor-made packages. Loan packages from $1 million to $3 billion are available for properties with high investment potential. TVG associates work with clients on the specific requirements for these loan packages. All underwriting for these projects occurs up front, in a one-time process.


Technically defined as a conservative loan made against hard assets, a private or hard money loan meets unusual borrower needs. TVG helps clients’ access hard money to take advantage of business opportunities that cannot wait for the typical underwriting process to be completed. By leveraging their relationships with multiple lenders, TVG can provide affordable and manageable short- to medium-term (one to six years) private money solutions, assuming there is an exit strategy in place at the start. Private money can be used for all types of real estate-secured financing commercial, retail, restaurants, hotels/motels, marinas, elder care facilities, industrial, agricultural, raw land, land development, construction, rehab, multi-family, single family homes, and distressed income producing properties.


The Vopa Group associates assist with short term, bridge loans for clients with the need to get from point A to point B without a conventional loan. Mezzanine/bridge loans are enhanced debt programs designed for qualified middle market income-producing properties with loan-to-value ratios that exceed 75 percent. TVG is the source for mezzanine loans from $500 thousand to $30 million. TVG Associates can access these funds in relatively short time frames, assuming clients fit the general parameters defined by its investors. Associates search their lender base to find the perfect fit – affordable rates and reasonable terms – for any qualified property or borrower.

TVG has access to investors who offer capital in the $200 thousand to $30 million range to owners throughout the United States. Our focus is flexibility, customization, and speed. We are uniquely suited to handle time-sensitive situations, and we can work with clients’ side-by-side in bankruptcy proceedings, REO acquisitions, and other challenged scenarios.