VOPA Group – Construction Management


The Vopa Group’s process at this phase begins with preliminary planning. In this phase, we work with you to develop preliminary plans and cost estimates.

Prepare Preliminary Plans

  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Furniture Layouts
  • Building Elevations
  • Computer Models

Develop a Scope of Work

Describes generic specifications including:

  • Utilities, Site Work, and Drainage
  •  Building Construction
  •  Interior Finish-out
  •  Furnishings and Equipment

Prepare Cost Estimates

Detailed cost estimates will be prepared based on preliminary plans and the scope of work. It will be within 10% (+/-) of final cost.

The Result

A total concept that answers the questions

  •  What will it look like?
  •  How will it be built?
  • How much will it cost?