VOPA Group – Construction Management


The Vopa Group identifies potential sites for development and studying the cost and feasibility of the associated development. Below is a list of services associated with our studies:

Site Location Studies

The Vopa Group obtains and studies information to make recommendations for potential site locations in a given area based in part on the following information:

  • Demographic Characteristics
  • Market Analysis
  • Growth Projections
  • Projected Income Statements
  • Competition
  • Crime Statistics
  • Traffic Counts
  • Present/Future Neighboring Developments
  • Comparable Land Values

Development Feasibility Studies

The Vopa Group reviews information for the following items and determines their impact related to a particular site:

  • Environmental Conditions
  • Easements
  • Building/Paving Setback Lines
  • Zoning Restrictions
  • Deed Restrictions
  • Flood Zones
  • Drainage/Storm Water Requirements
  • Ingress/Egress/Curb Cuts
  • Future Road Construction
  • Availability of Utilities
  • Telephone/Broadband Availability
  • Platting Requirements
  • City Ordinances/Requirements
  • Signage Restrictions
  • Overall Suitability for Development